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The Hive is Where BEAUTI Reigns Supreme!!!

Being BEAUTI is To Be Bold. Energized. Authentic. Unique. Treasured & Innovative.

It is Spring 2016-A New Season in the Year of ABUNDANCE.

I Invite You to Live Abundantly NOW by incorporating Hive News and BeeBeauti Services and Product Offering.

HIVE NEWS is The Central Information Center for as well as an Info Blog.

Additional BEEBEAUTI Features:

Doula Services—Birth Doula Services are Offered in Monroe County NY and Globally through Multi-Media.

Holistic Success Coaching—Promote Spiritual, Mental and Physical Serenity and Cosmic Harmony.

Concierge— Assistance with World Travel to Local Errands, In addition to Postpartum Support.

The List will highlight Featured Books, Music, Movies, Wellness Products and More, delivering a rotation of items designed to enhance your pursuit of Beauty and Success.

Peace & Blessings,

Brandy S.

Founder, BeeBeauti

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