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To BeeBeauti...

#HerDopeness Campaign ( Photo Credit: Jaylynn Little,

I am Brandy Solomon, the founder of BeeBeauti. I am a mompreneur, a partner, a doula, a coach, a leader, a student and an Ambassador of AbundanceNOW.


BeeBeauti was created to signify ‘To be the Beauty, I want to see in the World’.

BeeBeauti has grown to symbolize the Encouragement to Live Your Best Life by Holistically Embracing BEAUTI in Every Way.

Being BEAUTI represents Being Bold, Energized, Authentic, Unique, Treasured & Innovative.

As a Doula, I understand the importance of providing Holistic Support. I have a passion for working with women and families through life’s transition. Whether bringing life into the world or birthing new ideas to enhance your world.

Each one of Us are the Midwife to Our Personal Success & Every Great Midwife Incorporates a Doula.

As Your Success Doula, I desire to support successful birth outcomes and inspire breakthroughs along your unique path to success.

Success is cultivated in Bold Actions and fueled Energetically; We must Show Up Authentically to Deliver our Unique Treasures to the World with an Innovative Approach.

BeeBeauti offers a space to Learn and Grow collectively in Abundance and Success.

Be Sure to Stay Tuned by Subscribing to Hive News, Enjoying Our Services and Checking the Site for Updates to the List.

Share the Good News with Others. Everyone is Welcome to BeeBeauti!!

Peace & Blessings,

Brandy S.

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